Consulting offers

Our industry professionals & domain specialist offer their experience and exposure to value add in every project that we undertake with our clients. That not only have a deeper understanding of our client's business but also deliver an end-to-end solution to every client's requirements. We go extra miles to fulfill our client needs, be it the technology infrastructure or talented professionals or industry-specific subject matter experts.

Project Management

Agile Development

We help our clients adopt Agile methodologies for improved predictability, ability to deliver high-quality deliverables, innovate and improve time to market. Our experienced team of scrum masters have helped clients to increase revenue with a complete transformation to transform into agile teams.

Lean Development

We have helped our clients execute projects within constrained resources by leverage our unique lean project management process that our Lean team have matured over the years. Together, we provide our client teams with our project management and engineering wisdom for project success.


Time and Material

The biggest benefits of time and material engagement model is task prioritizing for development projects. We divide each project is divided into several separate tasks (involving features, use cases, tests, etc.). Our project manager provides hand-holding on prioritization, complexity levels, implementation approaches, and cost estimates of these tasks. As a result, our client can prioritize the projects and business cases depending on their budget and business growth projections.

Fixed Price/Duration

Fixed price project management give you the security of knowing what your project is going to cost you each month and prevent expenses spiraling out of control. We help you realize true benefits of fixed price projects by providing deeper clarity on scope of work, project cost headers and projected business outcome.


Direct Hire

We stand out for our consistent success in candidate sourcing process. With our unique understanding of our client organizational culture, processes and stakeholders expectations we have been successful in fulfilling our client expectations. We have delivered 24/7 recruitment services with the help of our unique talent identification expertise & talent assessment techniques, our global sourcing capabilities and global presence.

Staff Augmentation

Our IT Staff Augmentation Services provide critical skill sets for your business to fulfill IT business objectives by bridging gaps in your current team size as well as competencies. We provide staffing solutions that will help ensure your technology initiatives keep pace with your business needs.

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